European Holiday Reviews

European Holiday Reviews

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Amsterdam 9th – 13th June 2008...

We stayed at The Apple Inn from 9th – 13th June 2008. We booked via the Easyjet website, so shouldn’t have been charged any extra on arrival. However, the receptionist insisted we pay 22 euros “tourist tax” before she’d hand over the key! (We complained to Easyjet afterwards, who investigated and then credited our bank account with a refund). If this happens to you, I suggest you do the same!

Trams are nearby and plentiful, so it was really easy to get about, and cheap.

The Vondelpark is a short walk away.

The key is simply a piece of plastic which you use to get back into the B&B once reception closes for the night. (Reception is not manned at night). It also allows you back into your room and allows you to turn the lights on.

The room was peaceful (despite being right near to the breakfast room, which I imagined would wake us up in the mornings, however it was very quiet).

Staff in the breakfast room appeared miserable, although there was usually a decent selection of food available. The view from the conservatory (adjoining the breakfast room) were of treetops, making us feel as if we were in a tree house (I liked that).

The bed was extremely comfortable (I’d emailed them beforehand requesting a double bed, which is what we were allocated).

The room was reasonably clean. The bathroom door did knock onto the bed when opened but we could still get in & out ok.

Nice to have a table and chairs in the room, but there was a lack of cupboard space.

The shower was a little tricky and we had to be careful not to flood the bathroom, however hot water was plentiful.

No kettle in the room, or fridge, meant that we had to eat out most of the time, although we did bring back a few cold drinks and snacks.

Yes, the stairs are steep, but most houses in Amsterdam have narrow stairways. It’s simply the way they were built. We managed ok but I wouldn’t have wanted to carry too many cases upstairs (or try to get back up to the room after a little too much to drink!)

Here are more photos of our trip:

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